Security analysis using Software Defined Radio

Dr Silvio Cesare

Wed, 5th November 2014

Speaker Bio 1:
Dr Silvio Cesare
Dr Silvio Cesare is an Australian security researcher known for his multiple articles in phrack, [famous ezine written by and for hackers which has been around since 1985.] Dr Silvio is a regular at DEFCON and Black Hat cybersecurity events and he is also a member of w00w00. Silvio is credited with the publication of the first ELF virus for UNIX-like OS and his cybersecurity research includes an IDS evasion bug in the widely deployed Snort software. In summary, we are honored to have such a reputable and experienced cybersecurity professional on Hacker Hotshots.

Learning Objectives:

Silvio will explain:

  • In this presentation, Silvio will look at the security of baby monitors, home alarms, and automotive keyless entry systems. His findings are that he can eavesdrop on analog baby monitors, disable home alarm systems with wireless keyfobs, and defeat the keyless entry of his 2000-2005 model car.
  • To implement these attacks, he will use low cost software defined radio to listen, replay, and bruteforce the codes used in the systems he’s investigating.