Scylla and 1.0 Alpha

Sergio Valderrama

Wed, 27th March 2013

Speaker Bio 1:
Sergio 'flacman' Valderrama has been a programmer and hacker since he was in school. As a Consulting Manager of 2Secure S.A.S, he has worked as security information specialist and consultant for more than six years. Sergio founded the ColombiaUnderground Team and studied Computer Engineer at the Universidad de los Andes. In the presentation Sergio will be talking about his involvement with Scylla as the main developer.

Scylla is a tool to audit different online application protocols and configurations, built over a bruteforce core.

This tool acts at a tool for unifying auditing techniques, in other words, it does what oscanner, winfingerprint, Hydra, DirBuster, and other tools do, and also what those tools don’t do.

Scylla is arguably the first free open source auditing/ hacking tool for protocols such as LDAP, DB2, Postgres, terminal and MySQL

Supported Protocols:

  • Terminal (Telnet, SSH, telnets)
  • SMB (Also Windows RPC)
  • LDAP
  • POP3 (POP3S)
  • IMAP
  • Oracle (Database and TNS Listener)
  • DB2 (Database and DAS)
  • MySql
  • HTTP(HTTPS; Basic AUTH Brute Force, Digest AUTH Brute Force, Form BruteForce, Directory and files Brute Force)
  • DNS (DNS snooping)
  • Postgres SQL