Multipath TCP: Breaking Today’s Networks with Tomorrow’s Protocols

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Catherine Pearce
Catherine @secvalve is a Security Consultant at Neohapsis. Kate spends half her time breaking applications and networks, half her time working to secure systems being built, and half her time tinkering with standards to find where the designer missed something. Bred, born, and raised in New Zealand, Kate’s a Kiwi who was pulled all the way from Middle Earth to New England a while back. While in the USA, she will tolerate a single sheep joke per person – as long as it’s targeted at Australians./p>

Patrick Thomas
Patrick @coffeetocode is a recovering software developer turned penetration tester with Neohapsis. He works on offensive and defensive security tools, with an emphasis on web application security, web malware, and social engineering. He has previously spoken at Black Hat, DEFCON, SecTor, AppSec Cali, and others.

Learning Objectives:

Catherine and Patrick will explain: