Maltego Tungsten as a collaborative attack platform

Andrew MacPherson

Thu, 13th November 2014

Speaker Bio 1:
Andrew is the world's expert on Maltego and an all round InfoSec guru.

Learning Objectives:

Andrew will explain:

  • That most security experts will agree with you when they say that if you have enough context on an individual your chances of being successful with a targeted phishing attack are very high.
  • Why people have been using Maltego for years to gain context on infrastructure and individuals.
  • Discuss an excellent application called KingPhisher which was released at Blackhat USA 2013.
  • Andrew will also demonstrate the capabilities of KingPhisher in collaboration with Maltego as well as showing a nice example of using a context aware web application to perform a targeted phishing attack.

Resources and materials:

Questions and answers

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Do JavaScript email encoders work? [To prevent email harvesters]

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