Demorpheus Getting Rid Of Polymorphic Shellcodes In Your Network

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Svetlana Gaivoronski is a PhD student at Computer Systems Lab, Computer Science Dept. of Moscow State University, Russia. Svetlana is a member of the Bushwhackers CTF team which shows the following results in recent years: 2nd place in Deutsche Post Security Cup 2010, 6th place in the final of ruCTF 2012 (8th at qualification), 12th place at ruCTF Europe 2011, 4th place in the final of ruCTF 2011 (and 1st at qualification), etc. Svetlana works at Redsecure project (experimental IDS/IPS) at Moscow State University. Her primary interests are network worms propagation detection and filtering, shellcode detection, static and runtime analysis of malware.