Learn How to Control Every Room at a Luxury Hotel Remotely: The Dangers of Insecure Home Automation Deployment

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Jesus Molina
Jesus Molina @verifythentrust is an independent security consultant. As a former security researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories of America, he created several prototypes and corresponding patents on ground breaking research, including self-erasable memories and mobile trusted virtual machines.

He has acted as a chair at the Trusted Computing Group, NSF grant reviewer, and guest editor at IEEE Security & Privacy. He holds a MS and a PhD from the University of Maryland.

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I have worked in Real Estate and as you know there are a lot of new smart condos being built, have you looked at the Home Automation systems in High Rises, and if so are they similar to what you found with your research into hacking into Hotels? In fact, we actually sell a Security Course that advises folks on safe travel security, and your research is certainly applicable to those people staying in hotels.

Name of Speaker: Jesus Molina
That is a very good question, in fact I only just recently spoke about this. New buildings are built with a lot of features that are similar to that that we have discussed, for example you want the lights to go out at a certain time etc. There were three people involved in our talk, one was a lawyer then there was me and the other was a vendor – and most people