Contemporary Automatic Program Analysis

Julian Cohen

Tue, 4th November 2014

Speaker Bio 1:
Julian Cohen
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Julian still believes that the science and engineering that goes into building complex computer systems is real. His controversial stance that hardware is not powered by fairy dust and software is not held together by a mysterious force is often the target of ridicule among experts.

Julian strongly urges his fellow professionals to not give up and go shopping simply because computers are too hard.

Learning Objectives:

Julian will explain:

  • Acumen: A deep, insightful understanding of modern automatic program analysis.
  • Intelligence: A bird’s-eye view of the tools, techniques, and methodologies landscape of automatic program analysis.
  • Practical applications: The ability to apply existing modern automatic program analysis tools and techniques to find vulnerabilities in new targets.
  • Skills: Introduction to developing new program analysis scripts to find world-class vulnerabilities in new targets.