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Angelo Corsaro, PhD, currently serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at PrismTech where he directs innovation, technology strategy, planning, evolution, and evangelism. Angelo leads the strategic standardisation at the Object Management Group (OMG), where he co-chairs the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Special Interest Group. Angelo is a widely known and cited expert in the field of large scale distributed systems, communication middleware, real-time systems, and software patterns. Angelo has authored several international standards and enjoys over 10+ years of experience in technology management and design of large scale high performance mission- and business-critical distributed systems.

Angelo received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Computer Science from the Washington University in St. Louis, and a Laurea Magna cum Laude in Computer Engineering from the University of Catania, Italy.

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Max, Concise Courses:
@28.51 What is the latest on DDS programming on Android in terms of security?

Angelo Corsaro:
In terms of security [for communications] – the challenge for Android is that you can only use TLS. That means that you have to use TCP/ IP and that is what we do today. Why? Because DTLS, which is the TLS for UDP/IP, is not available for Android, that is a pity, but that is a challenge for everyone developing on Android.

We have been looking at porting OpenSSL to Android, actually there is someone that has already done that, so if someone really wants to have security and the advantage of multi-cast of Android we could just use OpenSSL through a native API; so that’s a possibility.

So, in short, what is possible is TCP plus TLS and if anyone is interested in having DTLS, we know how to do it.

Max, Concise Courses:
@29.50 What is your recommended resource to learn more about DDS?

Angelo Corsaro:
There are a couple of resources. On our website we have tons of website recordings.

For me the year starts in September (because I am back from my holidays) and every year I start a [series of] tutorials. We have a two part tutorial on DDS coming up later on this month and in October and otherwise we have already recorded tutorials on our website and you can find the slides on slideshare (see resources above).

We have 80+ slides on slideshare regarding DDS with tutorials on how to integrate DDS with other technologies like JavaScript orSCADA etc. There are plenty of resources. We are very open in sharing. We believe that sharing is more important than hiding today’s technology.

Max, Concise Courses:
@31.08 let me get this straight, your tutorials are pre-recorded?

Angelo Corsaro:
We have pre-recorded tutorials and I am running tutorials live in September and October so they can [those interested to learn more about DDS and DTLS etc.] register on our website.

Max, Concise Courses:
@31:46 This is related to the first question but – can you please tell me where I can find best practices for openSplice DDS?

Angelo Corsaro:
Once again we have slides on that. Our deployment guides include some best practices and we have some web casts. Some of the slides and information are on ‘best practices’ whilst others are on ‘traps and pitfalls’ so once again our website and slideshare the best references for our information.

The other thing to mention as well is that we have mailing lists and forums so if anyone has any questions we can post them on our forums, which get answered sometimes within minutes or hours but not days!