Our favorite Information Security podcasts of 2013

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Our favorite Information Security podcasts of 2013

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Here is our list of our recommended Information Security Podcasts.

Before we go through the list can we just give everybody a reminder that we have our own Hacker Hotshot web shows, which of course are very similar to podcasts. A lot of our speakers are DEFCON, Black Hat, Hacker Halted, HITB, Toorcon speakers etc.

To see our upcoming shows click here or for our archive which at the last count was at 80 past speakers! We tend to keep our format real short and sweet, because, we all know what time is right?

OK, here is our top ten InfoSec podcasts in no particular order:

PaulDotCom is a legendary security professional and has been in the game a long time (and he once mentioned us on his show so we are particularly massive fans!) Paul Asadoorian (the name behind PaulDotCom) did his first recording (we think!) at a SANS conference in Los Angeles in 2005. He focuses on Information Security as well as anything of ‘hacking’ interest, particularly within the underground scene.

Paul is also associated with Tenable Network Security and often discusses their products. Tenable is a cyber security platform which as far as we can make out is used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and many of the Fortune 500. The mighty Nessus is also a Tenable product.

Paul has a background in pentesting and intrusion detection and has an excellent podcast which you can download for free from iTunes. His shows are great and very topical, the last (July17th 2013) was for example all about OWASP’s Top Ten. Also, worth mentioning here that we had Larry Pesce on our Hacker Hotshots web show a while back presenting: “Hacking Survival”. Larry is a co-host on the PaulDotCom show.

CyberSpeak is next on our list and available here. These guys have been around since 2005 and cover a lot of topics. Not much more else to say but go check them out!

Hacker News Network
The Hacker News Network is next on our list. Available. For those that have their heads buried in the sand, the Hacker News is a news website that caters to programmers, hackers, infosec professionals, etc – (think Reddit) that is different in the sense that posts or news can not be voted down, only up. The platform and voting system works on karma points.

If social engineering is your thing then make sure you subscribe here. We have covered social engineering in the past and would certainly recommend this podcast. With titles like “Is that a phish in your mouth or you just happy to see me?” (last week’s July 7th 2013 show) how can we not mention or recommend them!?

Jupiter Broadcasting
If you don’t know Jupiter Broadcasting then get to know. These guys deliver excellent web shows and podcasts using the latest and greatest production tools and techniques. They also have a live IRC channel which seems to work pretty well for them. The streams were first started by Bryan Lunduke (who left around mid 2012) and Chris Fisher who is still there, and doing a great job. We’d recommend two of their shows, the Linux Action Show (often abbreviated to LAS) and TechSnap because they often cover security issues, but frankly, anything they cover is interesting and that’s why they made our list!

We have only listed five podcasts here so likely we are missing a bunch. Please let us know in the comments below if we have, and we will go right ahead and update the post!

  • AJ

    Heres a great pod cast you could consider.

    Risky Business was established in February, 2007. It take a lighthearted look at information security news and features!
    By Patrick Gray

    all the best

  • Jerry Bell

    One more podcast to consider is the Defensive Security Podcast:

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