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Infosec Management Fundamentals!

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August 20th, 12 EST, Jerod Brennen @slandail will be presenting “Infosec Management Fundamentals.” We are delighted to welcome Jerod, not least because this is a subject matter which we have not covered before, but also because he brings extensive experience which he can share with our community.

Brief background and summary of our Hacker Hotshot: Jerod Brennen
With more than a decade of IT, infosec, and compliance experience Jerod is a highly skilled and experienced information security professional. Having spent years as an IT Security Specialist with American Electric Power, (which for those that don’t know if one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S.) he worked for Abercrombie & Fitch where he built and managed their information security program. Jerod’s team managed Abercrombie & Fitch’s security operations that also included their PCI and SOX compliance, and identity and access management.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) – often referred to as the PCI DSS for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” is a vital component of information security since it relates to a set of requirements designed to ensure that all organizations process, store and transfer credit card information in a secure environment. Clearly, every organization that does any form of commerce on the Internet must ensure that they are doing everything that they possibly can to prevent cyber criminals from accessing their customers private data – not least their payment details. PCI is vital for the bottom-line of any and every organization so if this is a subject of interest to you join us this Tuesday! (Worth noting that if you are reading this after August 20th the event will be recorded and placed on the same url. SOX Compliance, also referred above, is a US law enacted to ensure that senior management certify the accuracy of their organization’s financial information.

Jerod currently works for Jacadis as their CTO and Principal Security Consultant with. He is responsible for administrating security assessments, penetration tests, and security architecture reviews, as well as auditing security technologies on behalf of Jacadis clients. Jacadis is an organization that helps their clients by operationalizing their security, privacy and compliance through four distinct services areas. These areas are:

  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Building and Deployment
  • Management and Defense
  • Response and Recover

The Web Show: Infosec Management Fundamentals
With Jerod’s hands-on experience with regards to implementing appropriate security controls to meet security and compliance obligations there is no one better to explain this particular InfoSec subject matter. In the presentation, amongst other items, Jerod is going to tell us:

  • How to do more with less by implementing and maintaining an ISO-based information security program.
  • Whether you’ve been managing a security team for years, been managing a security team for days, or aspire to manage a security team in the near future, this presentation will give you the tools and knowledge you need to be successful in any organization.

In summary, information security professionals often have to implement security at every level within an organization. This talk will help you understand InfoSec Management Fundamentals. If you work in Information Security or are interested in starting a career or the InfoSec space then this presentation will be useful to you. In particular, if you are running a security consultancy then this would be an ideal event to attend and interact with our expert Hacker Hotshot Jerod!

Are you mired in IT security compliance issues and concerns – let us know!

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