IEEE SafeConfig 2013 – Examining better networking practices

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IEEE SafeConfig 2013 – Examining better networking practices

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Following from our post on Sunday titled: “IEEE 802.11ac hacking overview. What’s the latest?” we’d like to let our readers know about a conference in October 16, 2013 sponsored by IEEE. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an excellent sponsor to have for any information security conference with more than 425,000 members in more than 160 countries.

The IEEE is the main standards-making organizations in the world, of interest to us is their 802 LAN/MAN group of standards which includes the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking standard. 802.11ac is the latest version and was recently announced as being ready for show-time.

IEEE SafeConfig 2013
This conference addresses the ever evolving cyber security threats with regards to how these threats are affecting network traffic. This security conference, which will be held in Washington DC October 16th, will examine and suggest modern security management approaches to better configure, log and monitor network traffic. Central to this conference will be the notion that security analytics continues to play a pivotal role in being able to store and decipher large amounts of data that must be categorized into varying ‘threat’ levels.

With the growth of BYOD, and the inherent networking security problems associated with this trend, there is clearly concern on how to better manage enterprise networks. Security is the name of the game, as always, and how this can be better managed and integrated into existing and future infrastructures and open networking platforms.

We often report on symposia, our last being the SCADA Security Scientific Symposium in Miami, and like to do so because they are typically attended by the world’s brightest academic minds. The IEEE SafeConfig 2013 event also brings together industry figures as well as government agencies to discuss networking security challenges.

The one day event will include talks, presentations, demo sessions and workshops. There is also a call for papers, with the deadline being July 13th. Don’t take our word on that – please double check the deadline date here.

If you work within the wireless space, or are a system network engineer etc, and would like to present, here is a list of the topics which are of particular interest.

Last years event was held in Baltimore Inner Harbor, MD, and focused on security programs such as firewalls, IPSec gateways, Intrusion Detection Systems, authentication servers, authorization/RBAC servers and crypto systems that are mostly commonly deployed by typical enterprises.

The network security field continues to grow as more businesses, non-profits and government agencies store sensitive data electronically – and as we all know – cyber threats (APT’s etc) are also increasing. This conference would be of particular interest to network security specialists (and engineers) since they would learn about the latest and greatest techniques and methodologies in being able to secure and monitor their networks.

Are you attending or if you are reading this after October, did you attend? We’d love to hear your thoughts and for you to share some information with us below! We have a particular interest with Wireless technology, especially with understanding the attack profile of 802.11ac so if you heard anything about that – let us know!

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