New FREE Cybersecurity Course! How To Secure Social Media in the Enterprise!

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New FREE Cybersecurity Course! How To Secure Social Media in the Enterprise!

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If you are a Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker or are just employed and working in Cybersecurity then this is a course that you will love. The course is all about being able to secure social media – within an Information Security perspective.

The date for this live and free cybersecurity training course will be this Saturday, January 10th at 12pm EST/ 9am PST/ or 5pm GMT. If you are reading this after that date then hit the link anyway since there will be information and learning opportunities on the page.

Here’s the course link for more information.

How To Secure Social Media in the Enterprise!

After completing this live online course, you will be sent a 10 Question Practice Exam. All students who successfully complete the exam will be issued with a Certificate of Completion, that can be used towards your continuing education requirements.

We’re going to teach you how to:

  • Use of social engineering techniques
  • Mimick threat behaviours
  • Categorize different classes of attacks (e.g., passive, active, insider, close-in, distribution, etc.)
  • Quantify different operational threat environments (e.g., first generation [script kiddies], second generation [non- nation state sponsored], and third generation [nation state sponsored])
  • Categorize general attack stages (e.g., footprinting and scanning, enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access, network exploitation, covering tracks, etc.)

This free training opportunity ends January 4th @ midnight Pacific Time – and after this date we’re going to start charging for access to the content so we encourage you to check it out now!

If you have any questions please drop a comment below or you can also ask during the live training event.

There are many examples of how dangerous social media is for cyber criminals so if you work for an SME or a large organization then this is training that you likely not want to miss.

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