Happy 4th July! Also, what would happen if the Constitution was written today?

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Happy 4th July! Also, what would happen if the Constitution was written today?

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A Very Happy 4th July 2013 to all our community: students, Hacker Hotshot speakers and readers!

Did you know! Facts about the Declaration of Independence
Although we celebrate American Independence Day on the 4th July the actual date that independence was declared was the 2nd! Our birthday is therefore slightly wrong! In fact, there are several important dates to consider, all of which happened before or after the 4th July, such as the initial Constitution draft, which was June 1776, written by Thomas Jefferson or the date on which the Declaration was delivered to Great Britain which was November 1776, and signed, August 2, 1776. We needed a date to celebrate and commemorate our independence from the shackles of Great Britain and we decided on 4th July.

Following the initial two decades Americans didn’t celebrate the signing of the Declaration – remember that not everyone was in favor of the independence! In fact, surprisingly, it was a full one hundred years until Congress established 4th July as a national holiday!

What if the Constitution was re-written today? How would it be different?
Amendments can, are, and ought to be made on a more constant basis, especially with respect to Internet Freedom and The Freedom of Speech. In fact, many propose an ‘Internet Amendment’ that would work in tandem with the First Amendment: i.e. Freedom of the Internet in today’s world is just as important as freedom of the press, religion or speech.

Just as much as traditional press altered and aided change and revolution, so has the Internet, notably Social Media. We just have to think about the role that Twitter played in the Arab Spring to appreciate the power of the Internet.

Internet Freedom, Confusion, NSA and World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12)
The entire Edward Snowden affair and the NSA PRISM Scandal has confused the issue of Internet Freedom.

Russia and China criticized the U.S. in the wake of the NSA leaks, which have complicated the U.S. government’s embattled Internet freedom agenda. At WCIT-12, Russia and China promoted the concept of a UN Agency titled the “International Telecommunication Union (ITU)” to legislate and govern the Internet. The US denounced the concept on the basis that China and Russia had no place or authority to be seen as bastions of free speech, but in the wake of the NSA Spying Scandal it seems that the tables have been reversed. Many countries are now asking for explanations as to why and how they were spied upon and are very vocal to their opposition to the United States position on Internet Surveillance. We wonder how the US Constitution would be different if it had been written with this knowledge? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Have a happy 4th July and thank you for your support.

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