Learn how to exploit (and defend) VOIP!

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Learn how to exploit (and defend) VOIP!

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Learn how to exploit VOIP! Join us for our 15 minute demo July 31st at 1200 EST/ 0900 PST.

The title of this excellent demo and mini-course is “Learn How To Crack SIP Authentication & Listen To VOIP Calls In 15-Minutes!”

VOIP technology has revolutionized the workplace and frankly, our lives. Who would have thought that just ten years ago we would have free domestic and international phone calls – with video!

We are really excited about this event for many reasons, not least because it is just such an interesting and useful skill to learn. If you work in the Information Security business, or are already a penetration tester, or have an interest in the subject then you will certainly benefit from this content.

Three Learning Objectives of our VOIP Hacking Course
As most of our regular students and community members know, we tend to keep things, like our name, Concise! Our Hacker Hotshot web shows are only 15 minutes long and our courses tend to be straight-to-the-point. This 15 minute demo on Wednesday July 31st is going to be brilliant. Your instructor, Eric DeShetler, (more on Eric in a minute) has constructed three learning objectives, these are:

  • You will learn how to confidently exploit and prevent VOIP hacks
  • You will also be sharpening and improving your Wireshark skills, which in turn will make you the Wireshark Guru in your workplace! Another benefit of learning VOIP Wireshark skills is that you can share your knowledge and expertise with your team members.
  • You are going to appreciate how to audit your VOIP Network profile and keep it safe from malicious hackers.

More freebies!
Eric has kindly offered to give all students a free Wire Shark Guide, which is excellent accompaniment to this VOIP hacking and vulnerability demo. Each student will also receive a complimentary Wireshark lab guide, a mile2 C)SS Certified Security Sentinel video and a C)SS exam voucher! To receive all these goodies you just need to register yourself on the demo.

About Your Instructor – Eric DeShetler
If the course title – ‘learning how to hack VOIP’ – wasn’t enough for you, and if the freebies didn’t do it for you either, then this will: learn from possibly one if not the best security professional instructor out there! Your instructor is a highly talented multi-skilled InfoSec professional with a vast amount of experience.

Here are a few highlights of Eric’s career to date:

  • A cyber-security expert and instructor with over 10 years’ experience;
  • Served in the US Army for 8 years and led several wartime cyber-attack missions under the Joint Cyber Attack Team (JCAT), Cyber Command.
  • Worked under National Security Agency jurisdiction orchestrating several computer network operations that included penetration tests, advanced forensics and malware analysis in some of the most complex incident handling events.
  • Worked for NASA as a Security Analyst ensuring the protection of some of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

I think you will agree with me that you will be hard pressed to find a CV with such depth as that of Eric’s. Learning from Eric is a privilege and we are extremely honoured to be able to host his VOIP hacking and security demo on Concise Courses. Eric currently teaches at mile2, which is a first-class information security and assurance training organization. As a side note, we have had other mile2 training instructors present to our audience. Two recent events spring to mind: “Five Advanced Persistent Threats APT You MUST Know About” and “Advanced Persistent Threats” and each one of them has been exceptional.

We have organized many short information security courses and training programs over the years and we are rightly proud of all of them – and this one will be no different. Join us! Put the date in your calendar and we look forward to seeing you online. When Eric told us about the course title we jumped at it, not least because in our opinion VOIP security is one of those areas that can be overlooked. If your weakest link is your weakest security conscious employee then VOIP, with its’ inherent risks, must clearly play a part in your security planning. To learn how to attack, and therefore defend, your VOIP network and connections can only be a benefit and has the extra bonus of making you look like a hero or heroine to your boss!

Remember that there is nothing to download! Here’s the link for the 15 minute demo. If you have any questions prior to the event please post them below and we will make sure that we include them during the demo.

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