Course Overview: Learn How To Hack And Defend Your Website In Just 3 Hours

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Course Overview: Learn How To Hack And Defend Your Website In Just 3 Hours

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Our first ever “Learn How To Hack And Defend Your Website In Just 3 Hours” course was held October 5th, and it was a huge success.

Here’s our favorite testimonial:

The tricks within the Burpe Suite were excellent, and sql overviews were good although I know from experience you need more a background of sql to be able to understand the fields, and their error messages correctly so a longer time on the subject was need to make this a true tool. I liked the fact that the instructor was open to e-mails regarding issues at a later date. I will repeat the process at a later date, and it’s nice knowing that the instructor is available for a quick e-mail if your really stuck.

Justin – Member of the 2013 November Cohort

The course was live, online, and fully interactive. One of the really great things about the course is that our instructor – Alejandro – is not only very engaging and friendly, but he’s also highly talented.

About the instructor: Alejandro Caceres
Alejandro is an infosec professional that lives and breathes security. Period! Need evidence? How about the fact that he recently presented at DerbyCon 2013 (as well as ShmooCon 2013, AppSec USA 2012 and DEFCON 21). and that he’s the owner of a very hands-on application security research company called Hyperion Gray LLC. Alejandro has been a Hacker Hotshot as well! He is the creator and co-developer of a very interesting (and slightly scary) project called ‘PunkSPIDER and PunkSCAN’. If you are thinking of studying our course, which incidentally, is also eligible for Continuing Education credits, then watching the presentation (which is a recorded video) is a solid way to meet the instructor.

Bottom line is this: when it comes to training you want someone who not only knows what they are talking about but someone who also ‘walks the walk’, as well as, ‘talks the talk’ and for that, Alejandro is your man!

About the course: 3 Hour Live Training
Following some awesome feedback we have decided to grant every student that registered access to our Virtual Leaning Environment – often referred to as a Learning Management System.

The learning platform contains the following items:

  • Instructions on ‘what happens next’
  • Installation instructions for the tools and programs that are required for the course
  • Our recommended tutorials to compliment the course
  • Study tips and learning advice
  • And more!

We are constantly updating and modernizing the content to make the course as enjoyable as possible. Also! Another awesome thing about our learning platform is that it is fully responsive – meaning that you can access the study materials when you are on the move through your mobile or tablet. Being able to access the content before the course on your mobile means that you can maximize your learning experience and prepare yourself to get the most out of the live portion of the course.

The entire point of us placing the material on our learning platform is to immerse students in the subject matter so when the actual live training takes place you will be able to focus on learning the tools and processes from an expert! The point is this: let’s learn how to hack and defend!

Quick overview of the course:
The course essentially has three objectives. These are:

  • To develop a deep understanding of what is happening behind-the-scenes in a web application, with a focus on the HTTP protocol and other underlying web technologies.
  • Learn how to use the industry standard in free web application vulnerability discovery and exploitation tools – most notably Burp Suite, a fully featured web application testing tool.
  • Gain a basic knowledge of finding and exploiting the most common web security vulnerabilities!

In Summary
We love this course and we hope that you will too. You will be very surprised at just how affordable this course is. For more information please follow this link. We like this course because we are genuinely helping people, especially SME organizations by firming up their security for a very affordable price.

What are your thoughts? Should we add a feature or remove something from the course and training program? Let us know! If you have any questions please post them below!

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