WiFi Pumpkin

Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Wifi Pumpkin
WiFi-Pumpkin is a very complete framework that is used for auditing WiFi security. One of the main feature of WiFi Pumpkin is its ability to create a fake AP and make Man-In-The-Middle attack, although the list of features is quite broad.

Is Wifi Pumpkin free?
Yes, WiFi Pumpkin is free to use and we recommend using it on a Kali Linux platform.

  1. Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point
  2. Deauth Attack Clients AP
  3. Probe Request Monitor
  4. DHCP Starvation Attack
  5. Credentials Monitor
  6. Transparent Proxy
  7. Windows Update Attack
  8. Phishing Manager
  9. Partial Bypass HSTS protocol
  10. Support beef hook
  11. ARP Poison
  12. DNS Spoof
  13. Patch Binaries via MITM
  14. Karma Attacks (support hostapd-mana)
  15. LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner (Responder)
  16. Pumpkin-Proxy (ProxyServer (mitmproxy API))
  17. Capture images on the fly
  18. TCP-Proxy (with scapy)


  1. dns2proxy: This offer various features for post-explotation once you change the DNS server to a Victim.
  2. sslstrip2: It’s a MITM tool that implements Moxie Marlinspike’s SSL stripping attacks based version fork @LeonardoNve/@xtr4nge.
  3. sergio-proxy Sergio Proxy (a Super Effective Recorder of Gathered Inputs and Outputs) is an HTTP proxy that was written in Python for the Twisted framework.
  4. BDFProxy-ng Patch Binaries via MITM: BackdoorFactory + mitmProxy, bdfproxy-ng is a fork and review of the original BDFProxy @secretsquirrel.
  5. Responder Responder an LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner. Author: Laurent Gaffie.

What are the Typical Uses for Wifi Pumpkin
WiFi-Pumpkin is another hacking tool that can provide the Rogue access point to Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks. It claims to provide wireless Internet services, but snoops on the traffic. It can be used to capture of credentials of unsuspecting users by either snooping the communication by phishing.

How To Install Wifi Pumpkin
This tool works best on Linux, preferably something like Kali Linux, Backbox or any other flavours therein for Pentesting Purposes. You can also refer to the wiki for installation.

Step 1: cd Desktop

Step 2: git clone https://github.com/P0cL4bs/WiFi-Pumpkin.git

Step 3: ls

Step 4: cd WiFi-Pumpkin

Step 5: ls

Step 6: chmod +x installer.sh

Step 7: ./install.sh --install

Step 8: wifi-pumpkin

Enjoy and use responsibly!

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