Web Vulerability/ App Scanner

What is Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner?
An open source web server scanner, Nikto performs tests for over 6700 potentially dangerous files and program on web servers. It is also designed to check for over 1250 outdated server versions and specific version problems on over 2700 servers. Aside from that, it also checks server configuration items like the presence of multiple index files, HTTP server options and it will try to identify installed software and web servers. Plugins and scan items are frequently and can be automatically updated.

Although it is not designed to be a stealthy tool, it can test web servers in the fastest time possible. Nonethelessm there is also a support for LibWhisker’s anti-IDS methods in case you want to try it by testing your IDS system for example.

Not all checks are security problems but security engineers and webmasters sometimes are not aware the “info only” type of checks are present on their server. By using Nikto , these “info type” checks are marked in the information printed appropriately. Some check are also being scanned for unknown items in log files.

Is Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner Free?
Yes, this tool is free to use and in fact a lot of pentesters likes this tool a lot.

Does Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner Work on all Operating Systems?
Since Nikto is a perl based security testing tool, it will run on most systems with Perl interpreter installed.

What are the Typical Uses for Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner?
Even if this scanner is free, it still have a lot of uses. Some of the uses include SSL Support, full HTTP proxy support, checking of outdated server components, save reports in various formats like XML, HTML, CSV or NBE, easily customize reports by using Template Engine, multiple ports scanning on a server or multople servers via input file., identifies software installed via header, files and favicons, host authentication with NTLM and Basic, checking of common “parking” sites, auto-pause at a specific time and a lot more….