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This is our recommended list of “Web Vulnerability Scanners” hacker tools that a professional pentester (penetration tester), ethical hacker, digital forensics or cybersecurity enthusiast should know how to use effectively. We regularly update this list so please let us know if there is a hacking tool you’d like us to add!

Five most common uses for Web Vulerability Scanners

  • Scan web applications to look for known security vulnerabilities including for example cross-site scripting or SQL injection.
  • Scan also for insecure server configurations.
  • Test authentication via several methods including Basic, Digest, Kerberos or NTLM.
  • Test for commonly known database injections contained within php, jsp, asp SQL and XPath Injections.
  • Scan binary code (also known as ‘compiled’ or ‘byte’ code) which can contain known vulnerabilities.