Web Browser Related Hacker Tools

Chrome Hacker add-ons and Extensions Are Becoming More Popular in 2020. Why? For obvious reasons: in one click you’ll see if the website you are visiting has a common vulnerability!

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Posted by Henry Dalziel  |  December 16, 2019  |   Questions / Comments 3

Web Browser Related Hacker Tools

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Henry Dalziel
Henry Dalziel | December 16, 2019

- C|EH, Security+, MSc Marketing Management;
- Based in Hong Kong for the last five years;
- Cybersecurity Pro & Growth Hacker

We need to update this resource because there’s no doubt that hacking add-ons (extensions) for Firefox and Chrome are becoming more and more popular.

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3 Recommended Tools

Web Browser Related Hacker Tools


Firebug is a free and open-source web browser extension that currently works on Firefox and Chrome. Although not strictly speaking a ‘hackers tool’, Firebug helps the penetration tester understand how certain technologies and systems work and therefore he or she is able to find holes that might be able to be exploited.

Is Firebug Free?
Yes, Firebug is free.

Does Firebug Work on all Operating Systems?
Works on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and MAC OS X.

What are the Typical Uses for Firebug?
If you are unfamiliar with Firebug then consider it as a tool to check for bugs and checking CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript. Firebug can also accurately analyze network usage and performance which has a huge benefit for most cybersecurity professionals.


NoScript is a good tool to see what works and doesn't work with regards to Javascript. NoScript or sometimes called NoScript Security Suite is an open-source extension designed for Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey and other Mozilla based web browsers.

Since a lot of web browser attacks require scripting, disabling “active” contents like JAVA or JavaScript will reduce the chances of exploitation. Once installed, it will take the form of a status icon in Firefox and will be displayed on every website to denote whether it has either allowed, blocked or partially allowed scripts to run on the page being viewed.

Is NoScript Free?
Yes. It's absolutely free.

Does NoScript Work on all Operating Systems?
Yes, it’s working on all operating systems that have Firefox browser installed. What are the Typical Uses for NoScript? NoScript is typically used for blocking Java, Flash, JavaScript and other plugin contents.

Tamper Data

Tamper Data Mozilla Firefox extension that can modify and view HTTP requests before they are sent. It will show what data the web browser is sending on your behalf such as hidden form fields and cookies.

Is Tamper Data Free?
Yes! All versions of this tool are free of charge.

Does Tamper Data Work on all Operating Systems?
It works on all operating systems with Mozilla Firefox installed.

What are the Typical Uses for Tamper Data?
Tamper Data is used for tracking requests or responses and security testing of web-based applications.

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Web Browser Related Hacker Tools

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Previously Asked Questions (with Answers)

3 responses to “Web Browser Related Hacker Tools”

  1. Sam says:

    I’d recommend becoming super familiar with chrome/webkits’ developer tools too.

    if you set

    chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments and


    to true and add tools for debugging the major javascript frameworks – Rect = Rect Dev, Angular = Augury, Vue.js = vuejs devtools etc; – and you can understand javascript the concept of the dom and shadow dom, HTML, CSS and take a look at OWASPs’ top 10 you can get 99% of the work done that would otherwise need lots and lots of frameworks and extensions.

    At the time of writing I think Firefox-Dev/Nightlies version – including servo is written in rust – is better than chromes own implementation but each to their own!

  2. Safar says:

    How to hack Instagram?

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