Vulnerability Scanning/ Hacking Tools

What is Nexpose?
Made by the same folks that manage Metasploit (Rapid7) this tool is a vulnerability scanner which aims to support the whole vulnerability management lifecycle that includes discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and mitigation of operating systems within a network. The tool integrates with Rapid7’s Metasploit for vulnerability exploitation. This tool is sold as standalone software, an appliance, virtual machine, or as a managed service or private cloud deployment.

Is Nexpose Free?
There are commercial versions of Nexpose that statrs with $2,000 per year and there is a also a free but limited community edition this tool.

Does Nexpose Work on all Operating Systems?
Works for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Nexpose?
Nexpose is used to gather fresh data and by its Live Monitoring, you can fix the problems in a matter of hours. By also using this tool, you can transform your data into detailed visualization so you can focus resources and easily share each action with IT, compliance, security and the C-Suite.