Vulnerability Scanning/ Hacking Tools

What is Nessus?
Nessus is one of the well-known vulnerability scanners particularly Unix operating systems. Even if they closed the source code in 2005 and removed the free version in 2008, this tool still beats many of its competitors. This tool is updated constantly with over 70,000 plugins. Features of this tool include local and remote security checks, client server architecture with a web-based interface and embedded scripting language that enable users to write their own plugins and learn more about the existing ones.

Is Nessus Free?
A commercial version of this tool is available. There is a free Nessus tool version but it has limited features and can only be licensed for home network use.

Does Nessus Work on all Operating Systems?
It is compatible with Linux, MAC OS X and windows operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Nessus?
Nessus is used to scan for the following vulnerabilities like miscofigurations, default passwords or a few common passwords and absent passwords on system accounts. Nessus can also an external tool like Hydra to launch a dictionary attack, denials of service against TCP/IP stack by using malformed packets or prepare for PCI DSS audtis.