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Top Ten Hacking Tools of 2017Linux Pentesting (Hacking) Distros

This is our recommended list of “Vulnerability Exploitation” hacker tools that a professional pentester (penetration tester), ethical hacker, digital forensics or cybersecurity enthusiast should know how to use effectively. We regularly update this list so please let us know if there is a hacking tool you’d like us to add!

Five most common uses for Vulnerability Exploitation Tools

  • Adopt professional vulnerability management (which can regarded as being the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities).
  • Discover if an attacker could find and uses an overflow weakness to install malware to export sensitive data.
  • Discover whether an attacker convinces a user to open an email message with attached malware
  • Help with the discovery (and sometimes removal) of vulnerabilities in a computer system.
  • Discover fundamental operating system design flaws.