Traffic Monitoring Tools

What is Argus?
Argus can be used to help support network security management and network forensics. With the right strategies, argus data can be mined to determine if you’ve been compromised or attacked historically, after an attack has been announced and indicators-of-compromise (IOCs) have been established.

Is Argus Free?
Using Argus tool is free of charge!

Does Argus Work on all Operating Systems?
Argus works on Linux, MAC OS X and Windows operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Argus?
Argus can easily be adapted to be a network activity monitoring system, easily answering a variety of activity questions (such as bandwidth utilization). It can also be used to track network performance through the stack, and capture higher level protocol data. With additional mining techniques (such as utilizing moving averages), Argus data can be used for “spike tracking” of many fields.