Rootkit Detectors/ Malware Scanning Tools

What is Sysinternals?
Sysinternals Live is one service that lets you execute Sysinternals tools directly from the internet without hunting for and manually downloading the tools. Simply enter a tool’s Sysinternal Live path into command prompt or windows explorer.

Is Sysinternals Free?
Yes! This tool is free.

Does Sysinternals Work on all Operating Systems?
It only works for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Sysinternals?
Sysintenals is primarily used for ProcessExplorer – monitor directories and files opened by any process. PsTools – Managing local and remote processes. Autoruns – Discover what executables are set to run during log in or boot up. RootkitRevealer – Detect file system and registry API discrepancies that that may indicate presence of a kernel-mode or user-mode rootkit and TCPView – View UDP and TCP traffic endpoints used by each process.