Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

Rootkit Detectors/ Malware Scanning Tools

What is Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment?
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (simply abbreviated to AIDE) is takes a “snapshot” of the state of the system, modification times, register hashes and other data regarding the files that is defined by the administrator. The “image” is then used to create a database that is saved and may be stored on an external device. Features of this tool includes supported messages digest algorithms (md5, sha1, tiger, rmd160, crc32, sha256 etc.), supported file attributes, plain text configurations files, powerful regular expression support and many more.

Is Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment Free?
Yes. AIDE is free.

Does Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment Work on all Operating Systems?
AIDE works on Linux, MAC OS X and Windows Operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment?
AIDE is used to build a database from the regular expression rules that it will find from the config files. Once initialized, this database can be used to authenticate the integrity of the files. It has several message digest algorthms that are being used to check the integrity of this file. All the common file attributes can also be verified for inconsistencies. It can read databases from newer or older versions.