Port Scanners/ Networking Pentesting

What is NetScanTools?
NetScanTools is really a collection of different pentesting tools that a system admin would find particularly useful. The range of network toolkits are designed for those who work in network engineering, network security, network administration, network training, or law enforcement internet crimes investigation. Like many other pentesting tools in our series, the developers offer a free and commercial grade of their products.

Is NetScanTools Free?
NetScanTools has a free and commercial product available.

Does NetScanTools Work on all Operating Systems?
It is designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for NetScanTools?
NetScanTool was created to help people in internet information gathering and network troubleshooting. With this tool, you can automatically research IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, domain names, hostnames, email address and URLs. Tools that are automated are started by the user and it means that several tools are being used to do the research and then the results will be presented in the users’ web browser.