Password Crackers/ Hacking Tool

What is RainbowCrack?
RainbowCrack is a hash cracker tool that makes use of a large-scale time memory trade off. A common brute force cracker tries every possible plaintext one by one which is time consuming for complex passwords but this tool uses a time memory trade off to do an advance cracking time computation and store results in “rainbow tables”. Password crackers take a long time to precompute tables but this tool is hundred of times faster than a brute force once it finishes the precomputation.

Is RainbowCrack Free?
Yes. RainbowCrack is free to use.

Does RainbowCrack Work on all Operating Systems?
It works on Linux, Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X (You should have mono or CrossOver for this one).

What are the Typical Uses for RainbowCrack?
The use of this tool is to crack hashes with rainbow tables that makes password cracking easier.