Packet Sniffers/ Traffic Monitoring Tools

What is dSniff?
dSniff is a network traffic analysis and password sniffing tool created by Dug Song to parse various application protocols and extract relevant data. dsniff, mailsnarf, filesnarf, msgsnarf, urlsnarf and webspy monitors a network for interesting information like emails, passwords and files while macof, dnsspoof and macof help in the interception of network traffic that is normally unvailable to the attacker.

Is dSniff Free?
Yes, use of this tool is free.

Does dSniff Work on all Operating Systems?
dSniff works on Linux, Windows and MAC OS X Operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for dSniff?
The use of this tool is to sniff usernames, passwords, email contents and webpages visited. As the name implies, dsniff is a network sniffer but can also be used to disrupt behavior of normal switched networks and can cause network traffic from other hosts on the same network. It handles protocols like FTP, Telnet, LDAP, IMAP, NNTP, POP, OSPF, NFS, VRRP, Citrix ICA, Rlogin and many more.