Cain & Abel

Packet Sniffers/ Traffic Monitoring Tools

What is Cain and Abel Hacking Tool?
Cain and Abel is a one of the most popular tool used for password recovery. It can recover various kinds of passwords by using methods such brute force attacks, cryptanalysis attacks and one of the most used which is the dictionary attack. This tool is maintained by Sean Babcock and Massimiliano Montor.

Is Cain and Abel Hacking Tool Free?
Yes! It is one of the most used and popular free hacking tool found on the internet.

Does Cain and Abel Hacking Tool Work on all Operating Systems?
Unfortunately, Cain and Abel is only available for Windows Operating Systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Cain and Abel Hacking Tool?
There are a lot of uses for Cain and Abel and this includes cracking of WEP and ability to crack LM & NTLM hashes, NTLMv2 hashes, Microsoft Cache hases, Microsoft Windows PWL files Cisco IOS – MD5 hashes and many more, speeding up packet capture speed via wireless packet injection, record VoIP conversations, decoding of scramble passwords, traceroute, hashes Calculation, dumping of Protected storage passwords, ARP spoofing, Network Password Sniffer, LSA secret dumper and IP to Mac Address resolver.