xerxes (‘DDOS Attack Tool’)

Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Xerxes
XerXeS is one of the most efficient DoS tool, developed by the hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r) to automate DoS attacks. It can provide the capacity to launch multiple independent attacks against several target sites without necessarily requiring a botnet.

Is Xerxes free?
Yes, this hacking tool is free and most commonly used on a Kali Linux platform.

  1. XerXes is a simple application layer denial of service (DoS) tool which is used to attack servers directly and can be launched from a single system.
  2. It doesn’t rely on a botnet and all connections came from a single source. Upon execution of the tool, it launches a TCP connection flood to its target causing session table resource exhaustion, effectively crashing the server.
  3. It is also capable of taking down a web server without needing to generate a significant amount of traffic, allowing it to go unnoticed by network based defenses.

If you want to have protection to an attack like this, you can use DDOS protection like Cloudflare or DDOS protection plugins so you can protect your website.

What are the Typical Uses for Xerxes
Xerxes is primarily used for attacking a website to stop it from working and prevent users from accessing it.

How To Install Xerxes
This tool works best on Linux, preferably something like Kali Linux, Backbox or any other flavours therein for Pentesting Purposes.

Step 1: cd Desktop

Step 2: git clone https://github.com/zanyarjamal/xerxes.git

Step 3: cd xerxes

Step 4: ls

Step 5: gcc xerxes.c -o xerxes

Step 6: ls

Enjoy and use responsibly!

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