Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is w3af?
w3af is one of the most popular, flexible and powerful tool for finding and exploting web application vulnerabilities. It is very easy to use and it offers dozens of features of exploitation and web assessments plugins. Others call it as a web-focused Metasploit. w3af is divided into 2 main parts which is the core and the plugins. Plugins are categorized into different types and these are discovery, bruteforce, audit, evasion, grep,Attack, output and mangle.

Is w3af Free?
All versions of this tool are free.

Does w3af Work on all Operating Systems?
It works on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for w3af?
The use of this goal is to create a framework that will help users secure web application by discovering and exploiting all web application vulnerabilities.