Paros Proxy

Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Paros Proxy?
Parox Proxy is a java-based web proxy used for assessing vulnerabilities in web application. This tool supports viewing and editing of HTTP/HTTPS messages to change items such as form fields and cookies. It also has a web traffic recorder, hash calculator, web spider and a scanner for testing common web application attacks such as cross-site scrtipting and SQL injection.

Is Paros Proxy Free?
Paros Proxy is totally free.

Does Paros Proxy Work on all Operating Systems?
Paros Proxy works on Linux, Windows and MAC OS X.

What are the Typical Uses for Paros Proxy?
Paros Proxy is created for users who need to evaluate their web applications’ security. It has the ability to intercept and modify HTTP and HTTPS data between a server and client.