Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is NetStumbler?
Netstumbler is one of the well-known Windows tool for finding open wireless access points. They also distributed a WinCE version created for PDAs and named it MiniStumbler. Netstumbler uses a more active approach in finding WAPs than other tools. The last time we checked NetStumbler didn’t seem to have been updated – but we could be wrong! If we are please go ahead and drop a comment below – we and our community would really appreciate it.

Is NetStumbler Free?
Yes, this tool is free but no source code is provided.

Does NetStumbler Work on all Operating Systems?
Netstumbler is a Windows-only tool.

What are the Typical Uses for NetStumbler?
Netstumbler is commonly used for Wardriving. Finding locations with poor coverage in WLAN. Verifying network configurations. Helps in detecting causes of wireless inteference. Detects unauthorized access points and aiming directional antennas for long-haul WLAN links.