Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Kismac?
KisMAC is a wireless network discovery hacking tool. Eventhough the codebase is different, this popular wireless stumbler provides several of the features of its namesake Kismet. This tool offers a beautiful GUI and was around even before Kismet was ported to MAC OX X. It also offers mapping, looging and Pcap-format import.

Is Kismac Free?
Yes, the use of this product is free.

Does Kismac Work on all Operating Systems?
No, this hacking tool is exclusively for Mac OS X.

What are the Typical Uses for Kismac?
KisMAC has many uses that are all very similar to, and drew influence from – Kismet (which is the Linux/ BSD version of this hacking tool). This software helps network cybersecurity professionals and is shipped under GNU General Public License regulations. KisMAC scans for networks passively on supported wireless cards – including Apple’s AirPort, and AirPort Extreme, and many third-party cards, and indeed on any other card that is supported by Apple Mac. Cracking of WEP and WPA keys, both by brute force, and exploiting flaws such as weak scheduling and poorly generated keys is supported when a card capable of monitor mode is used, and packet reinjection can be done with a supported card (Prism2 and some Ralink cards). GPS mapping can be performed when an NMEA compatible GPS receiver is attached.