Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Infoga
Infoga is a tool that is used for gathering e-mail accounts data from various public sources like search engines and pgp key servers. It’s simple tool but effective tool for early stages of a penetration tests or if you just want to know the visibility of your company in the Internet.

Is Infoga free?
Yes, Infoga is free to use and we recommend installing it on different Linux platforms.

  1. Infoga is written in Python.
  2. Has a command line interface

What are the Typical Uses for Infoga
This simple hacking tool is used mainly for collecting data about an email account and lets you know what information is being leaked in the internet regarding a specific email address.

How To Install Infoga
This tool works best on Linux, preferably something like Kali Linux, Backbox or any other flavours therein for Pentesting Purposes.

Step 1: cd Desktop

Step 2: git clone

Step 3: cd infoga

Step 4: python

Enjoy and use responsibly!

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