Multi Purpose Hacking/ Pentesting Tools

What is Etherape?
Etherape is a Graphical Network Monitor that is modeled after etherman. It features an IP, TCP and link layer modes that displays network activity graphically. Links and hosts change in size with traffic. It also has a color coded protocols displays. This tool supports Hardware and Protocols such as FDDI, Ethernet, ISDN, Token Ring, SLIP, PPP and WLAN devices plus a lot of encapsulation formats. EtherApe can filter traffic to be shown and can read packets coming from a file as well as life from the network. Node statistics can also be exported.

Is Etherape Free?
Yes, Etherape is free to use.

Does Etherape Work on all Operating Systems?
Etherape works on Linux and MAC OS X operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Etherape?
Etherape is primarily used to track several types of network traffic.