Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Tools

What is Honeyd?
Created by Niels Provos, Honeyd is an open source program that enable users to create and run virtual hosts on various computer networks. Users can configure these virtual hosts to mimic different types of servers, enabling them to simulate a never ending number of computer network configurations.

Is Honeyd Free?
Yes, Honeyd is free of charge.

Does Honeyd Work on all Operating Systems?
Honeyd works on Linux operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Honeyd?
Honeyd is used primarily in the field of computer security. By using the tool’s ability to mimic several network hosts at once, Honeyd can act as a distraction to threats. If for example, a network has 2 real servers and only one of it is running Honeyd, it will appear that the network is running hundreds of servers to an attacker giving more time for the user to caught the hacker.