Encryption Tools/ Services

What is Tor?
Widely accepted as a service that is both used by the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ of the Internet, the truth is that Tor is a great service and if you are even remotely interested in the cybersecurity space then this is a tool that you must become very familiar with. Tor is essentially a network of virtual tunnels that allows users to communicate privately online.

Is Tor Free?
Yes, Tor is free but remember that exit nodes of Tor are sometimes run by malicious parties that can sniff your traffic so evade authenticating using an insecure network protocol.

Does Tor Work on all Operating Systems?
Tor natively works on Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows.

What are the Typical Uses for Tor?
End users use Tor to keep websites (and in most uses, the authorities) from tracking their search queries, browsing history and messaging. One of Tor’s most popular uses is to hide the real IP address (location) of the user. Here are two excellent uses of Tor: firstly, rape and abuse victims can use private and secure chat rooms and web forums, and secondly, journalists can communicate more safely with one another.