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What is OpenVPN?
OpenVPN is a popular and widely used hacker tool developed by OpenVPN Technologies. This cybersecurity organization has a focus on creating virtual network software that allows users to communicate securely in a reliable and scalable fashion. OpenVPN is by definition secure and follows the principles of traditional virtual private networks (VPN) and is extremely popular having been downloaded more than 3 million times!

Is OpenVPN Free?
Yes, its free for use.

Does OpenVPN Work on all Operating Systems?
Linux, Windows and MAC OS X. This tool is also available for you mobile phones.

What are the Typical Uses for OpenVPN?
OpenVPN allows peers to validate each other using a shared secret key, username, password or certificates. If you used it in a multiclient server configuration, it will allow the server to release an authentication certificate for every client. This tool also gives users an extensible framework that is designed to ease site specific customization.