Gnupg PGP

Encryption Tools/ Services

What is GnuPG?
GnuPG is the well-known encryption system that’s originally written by Phil Zimmerman. It helps users secure their data from risks. It is a regard open source implementation of the PGP standard.

Is GnuPG Free?
GnuPG is always free of charge.

Does GnuPG Work on all Operating Systems?
This tool works on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

What are the Typical Uses for GnuPG?
GnuPG is a free version of the OpenPGP (also known as RFC4880 or PGP). This tool (used by thousands of security professionals) allows the user to encrypt and sign data and communication. GnuPG also ships with a useful key management system that can be used for all types of public key directories. This tool, which is also referred to as ‘GPG’ can only be used from the command line. GNuPG can be used with many applications including S/MIME and Secure Shell (ssh).