Debugging Hacking Tool

What is OllyDbg?
This hacking tool is a 32-bit assembler analyzing debugger. Binary code analysis makes this tool useful in cases where the source is unavailable. OllyDbg features a great user interface, loops, API calls, advanced code analysis that is capable of recognizing procedures, switches, table and a lot more.

Is OllyDbg Free?
Yes, all official versions of this tool is free but no source code is provided.

Does OllyDbg Work on all Operating Systems?
It only works for Microsoft Windows at the moment although it will not work under Win32s.

What are the Typical Uses for OllyDbg?
This tool is used for code analysis, that traces registers, loops, procedures, API calls, tables, switches, constants and strings. It will also let you debug DLLs. OllyDbg also let you to debug multithread application and can attach to running programs. It has a full Unicode support and dynamically recognizes ASCII and Unicode strings.