Immunity Debugger

Debugging Hacking Tool

What is Immunity Debugger?
The Immunity CANVAS pentesting tool can be used to test how vulerable your system really is. This hacking tool ships with purposely designed vulnerability exploitation modules that have been written to discover exploits. Immunity CANVAS provides a solution for any organization to have a concrete picture of their security profile.

Is Immunity Debugger Free?
Yes, Immunity Debugger is free to download.

Does Immunity Debugger Work on all Operating Systems?
Immunity Debugger works on Windows operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Immunity Debugger?
Immunity Debugger is used analyze malware, write exploits and reverse engineer binary files. This tool builds on a solid user interface that includes function graphing, its the industry’s first analysis tool build only for heap creation and a huge and support Python API for an easy extensibility.