GDB: The GNU Project Debugger


What is GDB?
GDB, or, the GNU Project debugger, is a cybersecurity pentesting/ hacker tool that allows the user to audit and discover what is being executed witin a web app or program (software) whilst it is running. GDB is especially helpful for developers or programmers that are keen to understand why their application or program is crashing or whether their code has any vulnerabilities.

Is GDB Free?
Yes, GDB is free hacking tool released under the GNU General Public License and was modeled after DBX Debugger.

Does GDB Work on all Operating Systems?
Yes, This tool works on a lot Unix-like sytems and works for many programming languages that includes C, C++, Ada, Free Pascal, Fortan, Java and many more.

What are the Typical Uses for GDB?
GDB has four major uses; these are: Seeing what happens when you start your program, detailing anything that might be affecting its’ behavior. Seeing what happens when you stop your program at specified actions or times of action. Investigate and try and understand why your program has stopped working the way it is meant to and alter things in your program to allow the developer to experiment with correcting the effects of a bug.