Since when did being a hacker become cool. Forever right?

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Since when did being a hacker become cool. Forever right?

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As a kid I walked in our bookstore in Edinburgh Scotland, and I remember picking up a book explaining how to write code. It looked so weird and different and the fact that it was a ‘language’ made me think that some magical people might even communicate in it by speech and not bytes. The book was something about the BBC Micro I think, and it just seemed like a secret book that only the ‘chosen’ could understand. Or something like that……

Anyways. I never went on to become a ‘programmer’ but I have learned how to code HTML/ XHTML, HTML5, CSS and have a decent grasp of PHP. Like millions of others who have a fascination in computers and technology the ‘magic’ that happens under the bonnet of your machine still intrigues me as I am sure it does you. What if we could tinker with it and make it even more magical!? Enter the hacker.

More than anything, the term ‘hacker’ has been dissected and scrutinized a gazillion different times and I don’t want to make it a gazillion and one, but what I can firmly say is that wanting to make something do more than what it was meant to do will always be cool, and to be the one that does that will make you cool. That’s it. That’s what I think makes a hacker ‘cool’

Last word
What do you guys think? Am I right or just talking plain gibberish? When did the term ‘hacker’ become cool – if indeed it ever was? Please leave your creative comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Come and join our Hacker Hotshot community if you are interested in information security and to hear amazing real-life magical hackers talk and share their research!

  • Cipher

    Being a hacker has many forms. Like DIY projects but of course any form of hackers are really cool. Because they can change the behavior of something that is not meant for that.

    1. Computer Hacker
    2. DIY projects hackers(You know what I mean.)
    3. Heart hacker.
    4. etc….

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