Hackers Terms and Jargon – Terminology

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Hackers Terms and Jargon – Terminology

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OK – we need your help. Please add to our list. We, for reasons best known to our inner hack, have decided to publish an ever-green blog post that lists all the hacking jargon terms we can think of.

There is no real purpose behind this other than to centralize these terms for fun and – well, fun really…!

So! We need your help! Please drop a comment in the below list and let us know what we ought to be adding!

l33t speaker Non Nerd Translation
l33t Sp33k Replacing characters to avoid filters
Full disclosure Revealing vulnerabilities
Hacktivism Hacking for a cause
Suicide Hacker Hopes to be caught
tl;dr Too long; didn’t read
Ethical Hacker Hacker for defensive purposes
Penetration Test Determine true security risks
Vulnerability Assessment Basic idea of security levels
Vulnerability Researcher Tracks down vulnerabilities
White hat Hacks with permission
Grey hat Believes in full disclosure
Black hat Hacks without permission
White Box A test everyone knows about
Grey Box A test with a very specific goal but unspecific means
Black Box A test no one knows is happening
Threat Potential event
Vulnerability Weakness
Exposure Accessibility
Exploit Act of attacking
TOE Target of Evaluation
Rootkit Hides processes that create backdoors
Botnet Robot network that can be commanded remotely
Buffer Overflow Hijack the execution steps of a program
Shrinkwrap Code Reused code with vulnerabilities

In Summary
So, help us out! Our list is definitely not complete and is probably a little ancient – and that is why we need you to help this hackers jargon list grow.

As a side note and perhaps of interest to readers of this post – take a look at our hackers documentary list “5 Hacking Documentaries (that are interesting)” – it’s pretty cool. The DEF CON documentary is particularly good.

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