Hacker Tools Videos For Beginners. More than 100 Videos. All Spoken Words.

Hacker Tools Videos For Beginners. More than 100 Videos. All Spoken Words.

Henry Dalziel | Pentesting Tools | October 2, 2015

Here’s the deal: we rank high for Hacking Tools (such as those used for pentesting, forensics, sniffing etc, in fact we have over 300 different tools within our directory. Thing is though, that our students and visitors prefer videos, so, it was only a question of time before we launched what we have: which is a ‘Hacker Tools Video Directory!’

These are our rules for posting and publishing hacking videos:

1. The videos must be ‘audio only’. As a UK and US cyber security training organization we are keen to ensure that everything we publish is educational, hence why we prefer the videos to be spoken instead of distracting with background music. Meaning no disrespect to those amazing content creators that make awesome videos only using sound – we just feel that for the purposes of learning, audio is better, especially for beginners.

2. The videos must be ‘Hacking Tools’ related. We based the list and videos on Kali Linux’s Top Ten list of Hacking Tools, so that’s good enough for us!

3. The videos must be for beginners. We all had to start somewhere and as we feel here at concise that learning how to effectively use hacking/ forensic/ pentesting tools will absolutely help your career if you are interested in a career in cyber security.

Enjoy, and thanks for being you. We’d love it if you’d spread the love!

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