Hacking Tools Directory with Video Tutorials

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Hacking Tools Directory with Video Tutorials

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We are big fans of blogging about Hacker Tools – for one major reason: if you are serious about working in cyber security you need to be able to use these tools like a boss. Hacking tools are what boxing gloves are to a boxer or what a spanner is to a plumber. A pentester (or ethical hacker) can be judged by their ability to use these tools, frameworks and programs, so get to know them!

So! Why this post? Well….drum roll…we’d like to announce our much anticipated Hacking Tools Directory!

We have broken down our directory into the following hacking tools categories:

(We feel that the below categories should encompass all the different fields within cyber security but as ever, if you feel that we have missed one out please let us know by dropping a comment below.)

Let us know what you think about our Directory – we would love to hear your feedback.

What we have tried to do to differentiate ourselves from the other Hacking Tools Sites out there, some of which are doing a great job, is that we have placed tutorial videos where possible to accompany the details about the tools.

We’ve tried our best to suggest videos that don’t have background music and that are dictated by an ‘expert’ within that field.

In many cases the tools and videos that we have within our list are written and introduced by the authors of the tools themselves. We have interviewed a whole bunch of penteting tools (and frameworks) over the years on our web show called Hacker Hotshots.

As mentioned at the top of this post, if you are serious about a career in information security (cyber security) then you need to learn and be able to use these tools efficiently and effectively. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the comments from yesterday’s blog post titled: “Any advice to offer this future InfoSec professional?”. In that blog post Joshua Coppola outlined his desire to work in cybersecurity but how he lacks certain skills and experience. The comments at the bottom of the post, written by experienced and senior professionals, mention the necessity to learn and master hacking tools.

Drop a comment below to suggest a tool that we might be missing but you can also do that on the directory itself. Also, it’s certainly worth mentioning that we have had contributions from our community to add hacking tools so if you would like to include your own or better still – present your research and tool (or framework) then this would be an excellent opportunity to do so because we can ask you to present it on Hacker Hotshots and we’ll promote it to our community of 15K cyber security professionals!

  • Haroon Mansoori

    I understand courses offer CEU’s. Are the CEU’s accredited by an authorized federal/government body? Thanks. Regards, Haroon Mansoori

    • Henry Dalziel

      CEU’s for Cyber Security education memberships bodies like ISACA, ISC2, CompTIA etc – they all ‘accept’ what merits as CEU according to their own rules. To answer your question though, the ‘US Government’ or a ‘Federal Body’ does not approve CEU. Bottom line is that they don’t have to….is your question because you are curious as to who permits the content to be valid? Let me know! Thanks for your comment.

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