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Hacker Halted 2012

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We were at Hacker Halted in Miami 2012 and we loved it.

The presentations basically revolved around the following subjects: Threats & Counter Measures, Incident Response & Computer Forensics, Secure Programming, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Social Engineering, Virtualization Security, Mobile Security, Malware and Botnets, Physical Security, Governance and Policies & Standards.

For those that don’t know, Hacker Halted is a hacking conference focused on Computer and Information Security which is organized by EC-Council. EC-Council is the security organization behind the internationally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker designation, or CEH for short.

The objective of the Hacker Halted conferences, according to their website, is to “raise international awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT Security.”

The event this year, for the third year running, was in Miami. The hackers conference is in its 14th year. There is also an opportunity to complete training prior to the main conference event since the event hosts infosec trainings and workshops led by EC-Council instructors and trainers.

Here is a list of speakers. We have interviewed some of these speakers (to watch one of their presentations just follow the link on their presentation title).

Jeffrey Bardin “Open Source Intelligence – What Color Underwear are you wearing today?”
Wolfgang Kandek “Presenting a Hard Target to Attackers – Roadmap to Securing Your Enterprise”
Jack Daniel “Hackers: responsibility and reality”
Jeremiah Grossman “Strategies for Web Application Security at Scale”
Winn Schwartau “Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Search”
Richard Thieme “BioHacking”
Matt Watchinkski “Using Information Superiority to win the Cybersecurity Battle”
Sean Bodmer “Counter Exploitation of Cyber Threats”
Francis Brown “Tenacious Diggity – Skinny Dippin’ in a Sea of Bing”
Cameron Camp “How to create an Open Source multi-OS distribution with encrypted data storage”
Dave Chronister “Advanced SQL Injection: IDS/WAF evasion”
Jenn Lesser “Winning the Security Awareness Game”
Rafal Los “House of cards – How not to collapse when bad things happen”
Gary Miliefsky “Bulletproof Network Security”
Gunter Ollmann “The Next Generation of DGA-based Crimeware”
Chris Silvers “Go with the Flow: Strategies for successful social engineering”
John Weinschenk “The Persistent Threat of Mobile Apps – Why Continuous Testing is Key”
Zoltan Balazs “Zombie Browsers, spiced with rootkit extensions”
Wayne Burke “Mobile Hardware Hacking with Raspberry Pi”
Kevin Cardwell “Building a Live Hacking Target Range”
Dmitry Chastukhin “Breaking SAP Portal”
Gianni Gnesa “Advanced Industrial Espionage Attacks”
Ben Miller “What you don’t know can hurt you!”
Kyle Osborn “Physical Drive-by Downloads – An Android Modders Weakness”
Prutha Parikh “Attacking Apache Reverse Proxy”
Josh Shaul “Hacking The Big Four Databases”
David Willson “Hacking Back In Self-Defense: How Can I Do It Legally?”
Freddie Beaver “Riding on Cloud 9 – Holistic Security for a Euphoric Cloud Experience”
Michael Berman “Security and Software-defined Networks”
Steven Fox “FedRAMP – How the Feds Plan to Manage Cloud Security Risks”
Aamir Lakhani “Bring Your Own Destruction”
Victor Nappe “A Perfect Cyber Storm is Brewing – and We Are Not Prepared”
Tim Pierson “The Cloud Whisperer: What Security Secrets is your Cloud not disclosing?”
Hemma Prafullchandra “How to successfully get your Cloud through FedRAMP, PCI, and HIPAA”
Rob Randell “Architecting and Building a Secure Virtual Infrastructure and Private Cloud”
Shakeel Tufail “Software Threat Modeling for the Cloud”
Bogdan Alecu “Using HTTP headers pollution for mobile networks attacks”
Merchant Bhaumik “Spawnning Reverse Shell With Any IP , Any Time!”
Paulino Calderón “Exploiting Routers for Fun and Profit”
Paul Coggin “Own the Network – Own the Data”
Jesus Consuelos “Security 360”
Joan Ross “Creating a Hack Resistant Culture”
Jonathan Cran “Advanced Persistent Pentesting: Fighting Fire with Fire”
Mike Danseglio “Delivery Is Everything: Case Studies in Presenting Penetration Test Findings”
Christopher Elisan “DGAs and Cyber-Criminals: A Case Study”
Richard Ryan Hernandez II “Enemy behind the Firewall: Trust, Tools, Threat”
Pedro Joaquín “Exploiting Routers for Fun and Profit”
Jonathan Pollet “Hacking SCADA Systems – 2011 Year in Review”
Rock Stevens “Military Targeting Adapted for Hacking”
Francis Brown “How to Make End Users Smarter About Security”

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