My Girlfriend Is Cheating….Help Me To Hack Her Email! [..Please..]

My Girlfriend Is Cheating….Help Me To Hack Her Email! [..Please..]

Henry Dalziel | Concise Courses | September 9, 2015

We’ve been in the Cyber Security training game since 2012.

Since then we’ve grown from a tiny start-up with zero traffic and zero revenue to a daily average of 5K visitors/ day with growing sales and products and services that we sell. Essentially we offer three services within Information Security:

1. Cyber Security Conference Listings [see listings for 2015 or 2016]
2. Cyber Security Training Directory [see more]
3. Hacking Tools Directory [see more]

Our traffic is split between n00bs (‘skiddies’) through to seasoned C-Level Cyber Professionals. One of the many spin-off’s of our growth (and I suspect one that is the same for any web-based company) is the increase of weird inquiries that come via the site’s ‘contact us’ page.

This post is dedicated to the absurd, odd, and perhaps even scary inquiries that we have received over the years. We get a ton of these, here are some examples with my thoughts below. Let me know what you think! Add your comments below – perhaps copy and paste the question (from the ‘hacker’) and paste it in the comments below with how you would have replied!


[panel style=”panel-warning” class=”1″] [panel-header] “…I want hack my near wifi plz help me how can hack them…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Yes – let me explain how to crack into your neighbors WiFi to help you download Game of Thrones. Of course – all totally legal!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”2″] [panel-header] “…I thing my girl friend cheats me i just checked her whatsapp chat…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Sadly, we get tons of these…
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”3″] [panel-header] “…I need to hack email…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Sure. Let me reply with an in-depth method – and I’ll reply to your email request from my personal email!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”4″] [panel-header] “…how can i hack account password and email and all things about hacking download softwares?..”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Um ok – I never replied because, frankly, we wouldn’t quite know where to start!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”5″] [panel-header] “…I need to know the latest hacks across the world and its counter measures…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Me too! Glad to have found someone else with a similar interest!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”6″] [panel-header] “…I want to hack Clash of Kings on my mobile Tablet. What tool should i use? Please reply me. Thanks…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] OK, at least you’ve been specific here. If I was into Clash of Kings I’d probably be slightly more interested…but – on a serious note, if anyone does know the question to this please, especially with regards to the type of hacker tool this person needs – do get in touch with us!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”7″] [panel-header] “…i need 2 hire a hacker reply to [email redacted]…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Sounds very nefarious! OK sure, let me reach over and get my Rolodex and ping you over my preferred Black Hatter Vlad, or maybe you’d like to meet Dark Evil N1nj4?
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”8″] [panel-header] “…hi i’m doris, i had my friend help me hack my ex’s email cause i suspected he was cheating. all he asked for was a his phone number. he’s email is [email redacted]. If u need help tell him doris clerck referred you to him and he’ll help. good luck…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Cool! I’m on it! (side note: we get a ton of these pissed off emails from spurned lovers seeking to hack into their lover’s email…)
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”9″] [panel-header] “…hey guys, if you’re looking to get any hack espionage accomplished, do not hesitate to contact rob Lamsey one of the few real black-hat Hackers out there. Social network, email hack, remote device interception, mobile device hack, thorough background checks basically anything give him a call via [phone redacted] or email [email redacted]…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Sure – I’ll add Rob to my contact-list to help with Clash of Kings hacks…
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”10″] [panel-header] “…just help me one time a one account i want password if you real then help me i will bless you and your help can make my life special yes you are best better thanks…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll decline.
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”11″] [panel-header] “I am an experienced ethical hacker. My team & I can hack any account id WHATSAPP HACK (yahoo, gmx, gmail, hotmail, rocketmail,, facebook, twitter, instagram, AOL hack etc), irrespective of the reason, ie monitoring cheating spouses, protecting a family member, get ur compromised account back, delete an mail you dont want the target to get, payback or whatever personal or non-personal reason you may have for a reasonable fee. The victim will not realize that he/she has been hacked. Send me a mail [email redacted]. We try to reply every client ASAP & execute the project in the quickest time-frame possible. Cheers…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] This is probably a bit more serious. These guys likely can do what they say – but, like all the other messages within this post, I never replied.
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”12″] [panel-header] “…Hello, can you send me a video tutorial on how to get into someone else’s computer? Global network. For example, I have two computers and both are different from the Internet. And how, to get into the other computer?…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] That’s actually not a bad question at all….but – of course, for educational reasons! Although I never replied perhaps I could have pointed this person to YouTube or SecurityTube.
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”13″] [panel-header] “…I WANT HACK WINDOWS 7…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Sounds like a simple request!
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”14″] [panel-header] “…My goal in life is to help others.What i’m good at is social engineering.I want to fight 419 scammers.Can you help me to set up a private program to skill me up to the fight?I have no money.Read here what i’m up against [website redacted] My goal is to spend my time instead of waste it. I need a network with good guys to fight crime…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Not such a bad email after all – there seems to be a good undertone to this person’s intentions, yet sadly we never joined them on their quest.
[/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-warning” class=”15″] [panel-header] “Pls…pls…pls help me sir…I have my friend whatsapp number….I want to know his last 30 days chat history…..sir pls help me….u can do it…pls…”
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Amazingly this one was posted in the comments for this blog!
[/panel-content] [/panel]

In Summary!
We will add to this post as we receive more amusing ‘hacking’ requests. We don’t mean any harm – it’s just a bit of humor and leg-pulling.

Typically we get one or two of these a day and I’ll continue to paste the gems here.

I hope that this post is popular and that y’all post your comments and thoughts below. Let me know what you think and for those of you out there that have any normal requests, please get in touch with us!


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