Best Growth Hacker Tools of 2021!

We’re going to be adding to this page throughout 2021 and making it better and better.

This page is a “work in progress” and it will populate dozens of Growth Hacking “Internet Marketing” tools that I’ve used over the years.

The categories of tools will include analytics, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, hosting, content marketing, email marketing, landing pages, lead generation, SEO tools, social media tools, WordPress themes, and plugins.

The reason this resource has also been launched in tandem with our hacker tools project is that I have a bunch of experience and knowledge in being able to use these tools to great effect and I thought to share the love with that expertise.

My Recommended Growth Tools For 2021

#1 SEO Powersuite


This tool, or better said, “Tool Suite”, is friggin awesome.

I LOVE it for four major reasons:

  1. There’s a FREE option;
  2. The premium versions are affordable;
  3. Their support is fantastic;
  4. They’re easy to use!

The tools that are compiled with the SEO Powersuite include:

  • Rank Tracker (keeps a record of your ranking position)
  • SEO SpyGlass (backlink checker)
  • WebSite Auditor (find what needs fixing…and fix them!)
  • LinkAssistant (a neat and tidy way to manage your link building)

Just by looking at the titles, these growth tools should be self-explanatory but the tool that I’d like to review is SEO SpyGlass.

SEO SpyGlass is easy to use, accurate and is a massive help when building out your backlinks.

Let’s just state the obvious: search engines regard (good quality) niche-related keywords as critical to where they position you in search rankings.

I use SEO SpyGlass for two major reasons:

1) To See Who Has Linked To Me2) To See Who Links To My Competitor(s)

Taking each of these in turn:

How To See Who Has Linked To Me Using SEO SpyGlass?

Simply fire-up the tool, click “new” follow the commands, and enter my URL. Depending on how big your site is it will take anywhere between two and 30 mins to collate all the inbound links. The neat and awesome thing about this SEO link tool is that it gives you all the information you need without the bloat.

And, How To See Who Links To My Competitor?

This is mega.

Do the same as the above but simply do it for your competitors. See who links to them and you’ll be able to reach out to the webmaster and ask them to also be included within the post or piece of content that your competitor is mentioned on.

The first time I used this tool I generated an incoming link from a seriously nice blog within a few hours!

I’m not a proponent of spending countless hours getting links but if you can do it for 30 mins a week that’s a great start.

In summary, SEO SpyGlass is amazing and I highly recommend it – and what’s more – this year they’re giving away a FREE SEO SpyGlass Professional License!

The irony of ironies is that I hate link building and in my SEO checklist I clearly state to not give it too much time or credit, but honestly, with a tool like this it becomes somewhat enjoyable.


seo/sem influencer tool ​

Cost of Tool: paid

This tool is awesome.

BuzzSumo allows you to find the most shared content within your niche and contact and connect with the key influencers within your space.

Rather than churning out copious amounts of content hoping that it gets picked up by Google and other search engines, I’d suggest that you spend a third of your time promoting your existing content using a tool like BuzzSumo.

A cool thing about BuzzSumo is that it’s configured to (easily) help you find what’s getting shared on social media from within any time range you specify as well as within which parameters. With BuzzSumo you can really drill into your niche to find trends and content thereby allowing you to genuinely add value to those conversations. To do this you need to fire up advanced search parameters by searching for content and conversations by one or more keywords, or by URL or Domain or indeed by multiple domains.


social media scheduler (and more!)​

Cost of Tool: paid

I’ve used Buffer a ton and couldn’t be happier with it, however there are a few niggling things that I find annoying that Hootsuite caters for.

I’ve also been using Hootsuite for years and it’s gotten better and better over the years.

If you’re new to this then you can consider Hootsuite as being the a social media marketing & management software tool.

The key thing to know about Hootsuite is that you can manage multiple networks (accounts) and profiles whilst being able to measure your campaign results. One of the main features that I like most about Hootsuite is its ability to monitor conversations pertinent to your niche whilst also being able to find and filter those social conversations. If you’re interested to know what people are saying about your brand (in multiple languages) then Hootsuite should be worth your time checking out.

Probably one of the best reasons to use Hootsuite is the fact that you can manage, literally, every major social network (Twitter, Facebook Profiles & Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Google+ Pages (althought that doesn’t include personal profiles), Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress blogs, Vimeo, tumblr, evernote, flickr, mailchimp, slideshare, and storify – plus a ton more!

One of the (few) things that I don’t like about Buffer (when comparing it to Hootsuite) is that when you tag people in LinkedIn, it didn’t work, at least for me.


seo/sem software​

Cost of Tool: paid

This tool helps in four areas:

1. SEO
2. Paid Traffic
3. Social Media
4. Content & PR

From an SEO perspective I’ve used SEM Rush for specific features, namely: Site Auditing, Position Tracking and Backlink Auditing.

The Site Audit feature of SEMrush sets alerts to trigger when certain metrics of your website ranking or other dip. It’s a good idea and can help you understand what your website resource may be lacking. Backlink Auditing is similar to the above and allows you to find links that your competitor has that you might be able to snag or be included in. The position tracking of your keywords is another useful feature for obvious reasons!

In summary, SEMrush is a classic SEO tool that has stood the test of time.


seo/sem software​

Cost of Tool: paid

This is one of the tools that once you start using it you’ll be hooked.

Like Ninja Outreach is similar to BuzzSumo whilst packing more in. As a growth marketing tool Ninja Outreach helps your marketing through link building, helping your guest posting efforts (for incoming/ inbound links), pushing product and content promotions and organizing your social media marketing.

The tool also has well-known growth hacks that help with indexing content and ranking for keywords using content creation methods like “expert roundups’ and a whole ton more.

In summary, if your seeking a platform to help manage your blogging outreach then this is software that you’ll likely find very useful. As a complete CRM within the ‘blogging space’ the software does indeed pack a ton of useful features.

As far as we’re concencerned the tool excels at “lead prospecting” (‘lead as in a blogger or infuencer’) through a simple keyword search which allows you to discover influencers in your niche. The software allows you to see valuable data about them, connect with them through email and social media, and partner with them to promote your brand to their audience through a variety of content marketing strategies like moving man or expert round-ups.


social media tracking and trends software​

Cost of Tool: paid

Whilst not really a tool as such I’ve heard great things about Social Blade.

If you are interested in vlogging and generating traffic from video information tutorials then their data would be of interest.

Social Blade generates a ton of data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer, and Instagram and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress, trends, fads and growth.

Combining Google Trends and any of the other niche content generation tools listed on this resource you might create a winning combination.

The folks at Social Blade track over 25 million YouTube channels, over 7 million Twitter Profiles, 6 million Twitch channels as well as Daily Motion and Mixer Streamers.

So, in summary, if you’re struggling for content to create to target your niche then this might be an invaluable resource.



Cost of Tool: paid

Keyword Finder, abbreviated as “KWFinder” is one of the best keyword research and analysis tools on the market. This tool is similar to Long Tail Pro in that it brings hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty (based upon their metrics) that you’ll be able to compete for.

Oen of the features that we like about KWFinder is that it has a dedicated focus towards localization and local languages. This tool allows you to narrow down your keyword research to a country, state, or even city level that fits the needs of your niche. Being able to choose from 40+ languages to get exact localized results if extremely helpful.

If your client is international, or if your niche is spread across multiple countries and languages then you may find this tool helpful.

Mangools, the folks behind KWFinder, have a ton of other tools as well, such as SERPChecker (SERP Analysis), SERPWatcher (Rank Tracking), LinkMiner (Backlink Analysis) and SiteProfiler (Website Analysis).


social media tracking and trends software​

Cost of Tool: paid

Having used Helo Bar on several websites I can vouch for its ease of use. Helo Bar excels in two areas: it is incredibly easy and simple to use, and secondly, it just works like its meant to – headache free. If you’re running WordPress then you just need to download the appropriate plugin and paste in your API key and it just works. I’ve run Helo Bar on a variety of themes including Elementor Pro and Salient and it worked every time.

The first order of business when you get started with Helo Bar is to decide on the alert medium you’d like to use. There are several choices. They are: modal popups, sliders, page takeovers and alert bells. If you want a simple to use tool to generate and manage subscribers then this may be it.

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