My Recommended SEO & Growth Hacker Tools For 2022

About This List

I’m a full-time SEO; that’s how I make my living.

I work for a large eCom company in Hong Kong and I’m immersed in the world of SEO; it’s literally what I do, pretty much, all the time.

I’m not an affiliate to any of the SEO tools listed below so you can treat my reviews as honest and from the heart.

All the tools that I list and discuss on this resource are ones that I genuinely use on a daily basis.

This resource is a “work in progress” and it will populate dozens of Growth Hacking “Internet Marketing” tools that I’ve used over the years.

If you prefer the full-on cyber hacking stuff then hit my resource here.

The categories of tools will include analytics, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, hosting, content marketing, email marketing, landing pages, lead generation, SEO tools, social media tools, WordPress themes, and plugins.

The reason this resource has also been launched in tandem with our hacker tools project is that I have a bunch of experience and knowledge in being able to use these tools to great effect and I thought to share the love with that expertise.

One of the latest SEO tools to list here is SEO Volatility.


Yes, there are others out there, and mostly it comes down to personal preference, but I started with AHrefs and I can’t turn back.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ Constantly updated;
✓ Power-house of data;
✓ Nice stream of tutorials that make the tool easy to use

When it comes to SEO Tools – and all the services that you need from a tool, there are really two major players in town: SEMRush or AHrefs.

To me (and of course, this is just my opinion), the difference between the two is a bit like Coca Cola or Pepsi. They really do the same thing.

I’d say that for the most part, the “cool kids” are using SEMRush whilst the slightly more nerdy SEO’s are using AHRefs, but again, as stated, that’s just my feeling!

AHrefs touts itself as being an “All-in-One” SEO Toolset. The main features include the ability to:

  • Helping to optimize your (and clients’) websites;
  • Help to understand and analyze the competition;
  • Study what your customers and personas are searching for;
  • Rank Tracker: self-explanatory but this is fantastic to gauge your positioning for seed keywords

In summary, it’s a great tool and I use it every day for a wide variety of reasons.


There are a gazillion different content writers (text spinners) for the most obvious of all reasons: as an SEO we need content.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ Works the best from my testing!
✓ Very easy to use;
✓ Wide variety of settings

Trust me on this: I’ve tested them all.

By far, the easiest text-spinner to use for SEO is Quillbot.

There are dozens of new GTP-3 text spinners (“copy-spinners”) coming on the market but I still feel that Quillbot is the best for getting fast-and-readable copy spun out fast.

Is It Perfect?

No of course not and it probably never will be, but for getting copy spun with your keywords and getting content published fast it is an absolute winner.

I have a very particular way of using Quillbot whereby I use it as part of my content “process” that includes keyword research, content discovery (i.e. basically stealing the copy), then spinning it using Quillbot and passing that through SEO POP and a human to fine-tune the copy, make sure the keywords are dominant and of course that the content is unique. Rinse and repeat.

What’s The Ideal Process?

  1. Find content from multiple places;
  2. Mash that content together in a text doc;
  3. Spin it using Quillbot;
  4. Get a human to proofread it using POP-SEO.

And – publish!

By far my most recommended SEO-Text spinner of 2021.

Browser Automation Studio (BAS)

If you are looking for automation, then this is it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ A really powerful tool for automation;
✓ Decent community and a lot of folks on Legiit, Fiverr and UpWork can help you out if you get stuck
✓ It’s FREE!

This really is an incredible tool.

If you spend anytime doing any form of SEO, Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking then this tool is for you.

Everything should be automated if possible.

I believe very much in the x10 Strategy and it is tools like BAS (and ZennoPoster and uBot) that make it possible.

If you are spending anytime repeating mundane tasks then you need to fire-up BAS, set up a script, and let it run its’ magic. For Level-1 Growth Hacker Level 1 I’d always suggest learning how to use it then outsource the process (“blueprint if you will”) to a Virtual Assistant, and reap the benefits!

It’s a great tool and one that I use on a daily-basis.

I’d always advise having it planted on a VPS since I believe that it only runs on Windows. It’s relatively energy-heavy so go ahead and just spin it up on a VPS and let it do its’ magic for you and your business.


If you are looking for automation, then this is the original Blackhat SEO marketers dream tool.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ The “Mac Daddy” of all automation tools;
✓ Virtually undetectable when set up correctly

Automate any task with ZennoPoster.

“Zenno” as it is also widely referred to, is a “go-to” tool for anything that you have to automate on the web.

The tool is part of a package from a Russian company called ZennoLab.

What’s the difference between ZennoPoster vs BAS?

The answer is, not a great deal, but I’d say that BAS is slightly easier to work with and it is free. For anything “simple” perhaps you’d be best off going to BAS and for anything a bit more complicated I’d deploy ZennoPoster.


The ultimate classic Blackhat SEO Tool. But, in actual fact, there’s little real “Blackhat” about it. I use it for my day job all day long and I use it for purely legit reasons.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ Constantly updated to circumvent Google blocks;
✓ Decent support;
✓ 100% bonafide, “Battle-Tested” SEO Hacking Tool

If you’ve done any form of SEO for a few years you’ll probably have stumbled across Scrapebox.

Scrapebox is one of the oldest and most tried, trusted and loved SEO tools out there.

It works on Mac and well as Windows but I’d always advise using the Windows install on a VPS since that’s always worked best for me. (I also use it on my mac but I often find that it lags a little).

Scrapebox is rammed full of clever growth-hacking SEO tactics that you can deploy.

There’s a learning curve but what I’ve realized is that good tools always have a learning-curve, that’s what probably made them so great in the first-place.

For the most part you will need proxies; in fact, I’d also suggest you use proxies for ZennoPoster, Phantombuster and BAS (all referred to in my guide).


This is another Growth Hacking Automation tool that kicks-ass.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ A power-house of a Social-Media Automation Tool;
✓ Solid support, and well thought-out “Phantoms”

I use this tool: Phantombuster, every day.

This tool has a bunch of “Phantoms” which are pre-built code-bases that run a bunch of code to automate processes that you’re interested in automating.

The tool has the following social media channels ready to run automation on; they include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • ….and dozens of other apps and processes.

You will need proxies for the tool to be effective; and you’ll want to proceed with caution when it comes to using your own personal social media accounts.

I’d always advise that you use dummy-fake accounts on social media channels to run the “Phantoms” that for the most part will extract data and automate your outreach and other activities like that.


This is the only video-tool I have been using, and it’s freakin’ awesome.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ Very easy to use;
✓ Affordable and effective

If you need to churn out videos for your website and/or YouTube then Vidnami is your “go-to” to create effective copy.

You focus on the copy and Vidnami will focus on the video-creation.

It’s a no-brainer and you can scale a bunch of content easily and get it indexed and ranked.

Personally I use Vidnami to get videos thumbnails on my SERP results.

If you are seeking a growth marketing video tool then this might well be it.


I don’t really like working with influencers but I understand their importance. This tool does away with the BS and arrogance and just delivers affordable results

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

✓ Way more cost-effective than going through an agent;
✓ A huge database of folks that can help to promote your work

For those that don’t know, Cameo is a cost-effective way to get “celebrity” endorsements for your product or sevice.

I put the noun “celebrity” in quotation marks because you probably won’t recognize about 90% of the folks there, but there are a few gems that do stick out.

For example, Ice-T and Snoop Dogg are both in the inventory and can be hired to say a 100-200 word snippet for your business.

If you find the right person for the right niche you can do really well with this!

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  1. Hello Henry,

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